Mentoring helps you prepare for the future
As the fall season prepares for spring growth,

With a breadth and depth of knowledge, Sage Mentors is a trusted partner to individuals and organizations with a vison to grow and thrive in a VUCA world. (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous).

We work with you to build the foundation for success across Mentorship, Career and Talent Management, by:

  • building your self-awareness
  • understanding the core values that shape the decisions you make about your life and career, and
  • making your world a better place to be.


Mentorship Program Design and Support
Mentorship Program Design and Support
We partner with your organization to inspire growth, engagement and impact through one of the most effective ways of learning - mentorship. Be it a new or established program you want to take to the next level, we have the experience and global access to the latest innovations in the field for us to design and deliver outstanding mentorship programs. We facilitate mentorship strategy development and implementation, create mentor development tools and resources, and run evaluation and impact surveys.
Career Coaching
Career Coaching
We facilitate your journey to filter through the distractions so you can answer “Who am I?”, “What is truly important to me?” and “In what direction do I want to go?” We work with you to take steps on your action plan.
Talent & Succession Management
Talent & Succession Management
We facilitate talent assessment and development planning to creating a sustainable future for you and your organization. We answer questions like: “Do we have the right people, with the right capabilities in the right place at the right time, and do we have the development strategy in place to keep us agile?”

What We Do

Catherine Mossop
Catherine MossopPresident

Here at Sage, Catherine continues to improve company mentorship programs and provide highly qualified executive mentors where needed. She is dedicated to developing and implementing programs that help organizations connect talent development to organizational strategy, make better choices, and facilitate effective transfer of knowledge. There’s no one in the field quite like her when it comes to improving businesses. Some examples of business clients she and Sage have worked with successfully include:

CI Financial Canada Food Inspection Agency
TD Bank Bermuda Hospitals Board
Chartered Professional Accountants Government of Ontario
Molson Ontario Human Rights Commission
Canada Revenue Agency Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
Bombardier Inc. Professional Engineers Ontario

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