Sage Mentors has identified that supporting and preparing the mentor and protégé is one of the most critical factors to success in any mentoring program. Our programs are designed to provide that framework for individuals and mentoring groups seeking insight into specific knowledge areas as they develop their leadership skills and expertise.

Outstanding mentoring experiences result in  improving the  caliber of decision making by people in the organization.  By enhancing the capability of internal mentors and providing unprecedented access to associates and talented executive level mentors across the country and internationally, Sage Mentors will help retain, engage and grow leaders in your organization.

Whether you are a mentor, protégé or looking to start a mentorship program, please review our unique products available to determine your needs.

  • Building Our Future™ Team Mentoring:  Designed to support a cross-disciplinary team of protégés as they develop their knowledge and expertise. This one-year program is highly regarded as a career shaping program for protégés preparing to make the move to more complex roles in the organization.  
  • Cultural Integration Mentors for Internationally Educated Professionals:  Internationally educated professionals (IEPs) establishing themselves in Canada have unique needs for effective integration into the workplace such that they:
    • Experience satisfaction from utilizing the strengths and capabilities they bring
    • Learn and grow
    • Feel valued, and
    • Make a contribution

    With the support of the mentor, the IEP works to explore, build understanding and align their originating values, norms and behaviors with those of their adopted country and workplace.

  • One-on-One Mentoring:  Sage Mentors provides a framework, various processes to establish or define a learning agreement and an external mentor for an individual seeking insight and accelerated growth.  These relationships are custom designed to meet the unique needs of the individual and the organization – you may consider anything from a highly personalized local relationship to an asynchronous anonymous on-line international relationship.
  •  Masterclass for Mentors ™:   Through extensive research, Sage Mentors has determined that preparation and support for the mentor is critical to the success of any mentoring program. Therefore, we offer three levels of mentor focused workshops to address the complex needs at each level of mentoring.  

    1. Architect Group – mentors from outside the organization matched to an executive or emerging leader team; to provide insight and knowledge from an external perspective.
    2. Executive Suite mentors from inside the organization matched to a person or an emerging leader team; to provide knowledge transfer relevant to the business.
    3. Leaders Group – mentors from inside the organization in mid management or expert positions; to provide process and skills based mentoring to foundation level professionals.
  • Mentoring the Mentor:   Mentoring the Mentor is a consultative approach to supporting the needs of in-house mentors throughout the mentor/protégé relationship.  Sage Mentors provides time and on-site visits to respond to questions, regarding mentoring strategies to assist the mentor in meeting the needs of the protégé.
  • Diversity Mentoring Programs: Sage Mentors designs mentorship programs to address the diversity needs of an organization. Diversity mentoring is by nature a dual learning process where both mentee and mentor  bring their real life experiences into the mentoring dialogue. This process contributes to a deeper exploration of issues and experiences that result in developing new perspectives and broader understanding of factors that contribute to decision making.

Mentoring Guides:

Sage Mentors offers custom guides for mentors and protégés. Mentors and protégés told us what they want practical resources, tips and techniques all in one handy working book that can be used as they need them, when they need them.

Cascade to Wisdom Field Guides comprise:

  • How to get started
  • Goal setting processes
  • Expectations management
  • Risk management
  • The Sage Trust Model
  • The three conversations
  • Strategic Dialogue
  • Listening for insight… and many other techniques and tips

French: La fontaine de la sagesse: un guide pratique pour les mentors/protégés.

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