Career Coaching

At Sage Mentors we believe that career decision-making is not just about career values; it’s about all of your values and the strategies we implement to meet our needs. Creating a strategy can be a daunting task so we have developed a suite of tools to help our clients assess their situation and make the right decision for their future.

Career Coaching is a developmental strategy to support people in establishing and meeting their  goals for the  “right job, at the right time, in the right organization” that capitalizes on what one has to offer while meeting the organization’s needs.

Sage Mentors provides a unique portfolio of career coaching services:

1. Labyrinth™ Assessment and Labyrinth Navigator™ Career Assessment:

  • This in-depth interview/narrative process is to identify core capabilities and skills, breadth and depth of competencies, ambiguity and risk profile, decision making complexity and motivation. The outcomes vary according to the organizational/individual need and may include: succession development plan; career development strategy and learning plan; career mobility plan; mentor/coaching plan

2. Career Choice and Mobility Coaching:

  • This involves exploration of alternatives and setting development goals and establishing a career strategy. Here people look around and try out new ideas and possibilities for the next stage of their career. The process begins with understanding the life context of the individual and how job/career fit within that context.

3. Career Restoration (“I’m in Trouble!”) Coaching:

  • No hiding behind fancy words here – it is that experience of finding oneself in the wrong place at the wrong time and need an intervention to get on track.
  • Within this context we have a specialty in complex, delicate/difficult, unusual career coaching situations; we work with all the relevant parties to identify alternatives and partner to facilitate a move for the individual that capitalizes on their strengths and meets the needs of the organization. The process begins with consultations to understand the individual and organizational context; Labyrinth Assessment and Navigator; collaboration meetings with relevant parties (Executive Lead, Human Resources, Union Lead) to identify viable alternatives and facilitate the transition.

4. Career Transition Coaching:

  • We provide support to people and organizations facing the challenge of all iterations of job loss (vulnerable, change, transformation, termination, and surplus).  We see every client as unique and living in a life-context that will impact the decisions they make and their ability to become re-employed. We consider these circumstances in program design such that the transition is smooth.
    In addition, we work to preserve the organization’s reputation and leadership credibility while managing the most difficult executive decisions with grace.

5. One-on-One Personal Counselling – Services for the “Candidate”:

  • Management of emotional impact of job loss and development of a customized job search strategy and self-marketing plan
  • A values assessment using our Valuescards™ tool
  • Custom résumé & cover letter preparation
  • Interview coaching: preparation, mock interviews, debrief
  • Development of a job search strategy or preliminary business plan for those wishing to pursue self-employment
  • Our comprehensive resource manual

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