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About Sage Mentors Inc.

At Sage Mentors, we work with individuals and organizations to accelerate the development of high potential and high performing talent.

We design and implement various programs including, mentorship programs to support leadership development, career coaching assessment and development to assure the “right fit in the right role”, and talent and succession development programs to help your organization prepare for its’ future. It is our goal to provide people with the resources to achieve insight and improve decision-making by offering them the best processes and practices from our local and international alliances.

From growth to wisdom, Sage Mentors creates sustainable futures for people and organizations. We connect talent development and organizational strategy and contribute to our client’s organizational excellence through the transfer of knowledge from one person to another.

Mentorship Delivers a Return on Investment by Enabling:

  1. Attraction – get the best.
  2. Retention – keep them.
  3. Continuity & Succession – in the right roles to keep the business moving forward.
  4. Growth – to innovate, commercialize, grow and take on new opportunities.

Mentors provide context in an intentional learning relationship – this improves decision making and overall performance.

How Sage Mentors works with you to create and implement an effective mentoring initiative:

We partner with you to align the program to the organization’s strategic direction, identify target groups and desired outcomes.


  • Facilitate mentorship strategy and design (individual, group, team, cascades and remote on-line);
  • Develop the selection and matching process;
  • Prepare mentors, protégés and co-mentors for the relationship;
  • Provide supporting resources and tool-kits;
  • Provide ongoing support through the Mentor’s Exchange™ and Protégé’s Exchange™;
  • Design and implement evaluation processes;
  • Manage the initiative and/or support internal resource teams;
  • Provide train-the-trainer and all resources needed for a self-sufficient program and team;
  • Match and provide external mentors.

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