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Talent & Succession

Talent Assessment and Succession Development

Matching key talent with key positions is essential to ensuring ongoing business success. Often, organizations find it difficult to assess and prepare for tomorrow when there are so many moving parts to focus on right now. But it's important to consider what will happen when all your executives retire and whether or not you have the right people in place to meet your strategic goals. Sage Mentors's succession development programs are here to help you with talent assessment and prepare your organization for the future.

Talent Succession

Executive Interview Coaching for Organizations

Executive interviewing is different from interviewing at other levels. Well crafted questions looking for pre-defined competencies provide only part of the picture. Interviewing executives is about understanding who they are, their leadership character, leadership capabilities and their ability to lead in the organization’s culture. It is important to get beyond the polish and effective presentation to develop a fact-based understanding of the breadth, depth and complexity of capabilities and shortcomings of the candidate and have a detailed, data supported report from which decisions can be made – for selection, development, and/or succession-talent management.

We work with organizations to develop their talent intelligence. We consult with companies to train them to effectively assess individual leadership capability using the structured in-depth Labyrinth Career Assessment Interview process. We also partner with companies to help them evaluate key hires and promotions and provide an independent third-party perspective.

Succession-Talent Management - The 3-Step Process

  1. Capability Mapping™
    Capability Mapping provides organizations with a view of the key positions and key talent that it will need to create future success in an increasingly complex environment. Our trained assessors work with organizational leaders to determine the complexity of the environment in which the organization operates and map the capability that needs to exist in order to be successful and achieve the organizational objectives. Once the positions are mapped, an assessment can be done of the incumbent who occupies (or is going to occupy) that position to determine the degree of fit.

  2. Labyrinth™ Assessment & Report
    Determining how your talent fits into key positions within your organization is a complex task. The Labyrinth Talent Assessment Tool makes it as simple and straightforward as possible. Contact us to learn more about this innovative approach to assessment.

  3. Optimization & Recommendations
    Once we have performed a complete assessment of your organization, we make recommendations to help you thrive. We may recommend reorganization or changes to roles and responsibilities based on gap analysis and development plans.