Talent & Succession Development

Identifying Key Talent and Key Positions to Ensure Ongoing Business Success

Often organizations find it difficult to assess and prepare for the future when there are so many moving parts to focus on right now. However, considering what will happen when all of your executives retire or determining if you have all of the right people in place to meet your strategic goals are extremely important questions that Sage Mentors can help you answer.  Learn More.

Our Talent and Succession Development program prepares your organization for the future. We use a three-stage approach that begins with assessing the talent pool in the organization:

      1. Capability Mapping™: Provides organizations with a view of the key positions and key talent that it will need to create future success in an increasingly complex environment.

        How we do it: Trained assessors will work with organizational leaders to determine the complexity of the environment in which the organization operates and subsequently determine and map the capability that needs to exist in order to be successful and achieve the organizational objectives.Once the positions are mapped, an assessment can be done of the incumbent who occupies/is going to occupy that position to determine the degree of fit – the Labyrinth™ Assessment and Navigator™ Download the North Simcoe Hospitals Alliance case study here.

      2. Labyrinth™ Assessment & Report: Individually assessing the talent in your organization to determine the fit to their current position. Download the Labyrinth Talent Assessment Tool here.
      3. Optimization & Recommendations: Presenting recommendations for potential reorganization, roles, responsibilities, gap analysis and development plans.  Download the Bermuda Hospitals Board case study here.


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