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Build Your Company’s Future With Mentorship Programs

Let your employees reach their full potential. At Sage Mentors, we know that supporting and preparing the mentor and protégé is one of the most critical factors in the success of any mentoring program. Our mentorship programs are designed to provide frameworks for individuals and mentoring groups seeking insight into specific knowledge areas as they develop their leadership skills and expertise. We partner with you to identify target groups and desired outcomes and align the program to your organization's strategic direction.

Mentorship Programs

Better Decision-Making

Outstanding mentoring experiences result in better decision-making. By enhancing the capability of internal mentors and providing unprecedented access to associates and talented executive-level mentors across the country and internationally, Sage Mentors will help you retain, engage, and grow leaders in your organization.

We Offer

  • Delivery of full-service mentorship initiatives
  • Mentoring Strategy Development
  • Guidance on the design and implementation of your initiative
  • Enhancements to current initiatives
  • Complete Mentoring Kit to implement your own initiative
  • Resource Guides: Cascade to Wisdom: A Field Guide for Mentors and Cascade to Wisdom: A Field Guide for Proteges; A Quick Guide for Mentoring Partners
  • Custom Mentoring Guides
  • Mentor Development Curriculum for building mentor capabilities
  • Supervision of Mentors for on-going development
  • Workshops for Mentors and Mentees/Proteges
  • Standard Mentoring Evaluation Surveys
  • Survey Evaluation and reporting on impact and effectiveness
  • Custom Survey Design
  • Consulting to assure integration of mentoring into existing leadership and talent management initiatives
  • Support and resources for mentoring program managers

Mentoring Guides

Sage Mentors offers custom guides for mentors and protégés. Our clients told us that they want practical resources, tips, and techniques, all in one handy working book that can be used as they need them and when they need them. Our Cascade to Wisdom field guides include sections on:

  • How to Get Started
  • Goal-Setting Processes
  • Expectations Management
  • Risk Management
  • The Sage Trust Model
  • The Three Conversations
  • Strategic Dialogue
  • Listening for Insight
  • And Many Other Techniques & Tips!

Our Commitments:

  • Facilitate Mentorship Strategy & Design (Individual, Group, Team, Cascades & Remote Online)
  • Develop the Selection & Matching Process
  • Prepare Mentors, Protégés & Co-Mentors for the Relationship
  • Provide Supporting Resources & Toolkits
  • Provide Ongoing Support Through the Mentor's Exchange™ & Protégé's Exchange™
  • Design & Implement Evaluation Processes
  • Manage the Initiative & Support Internal Resource Teams
  • Provide Train-the-Trainer & All Resources Needed for a Self-Sufficient Program & Team
  • Match & Provide External Mentors