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Career Coaching

Career Coaching Designed For Advancement

At Sage Mentors, we believe that career decision-making is not just about career values; it's about all of your values and the strategies we implement to meet our needs. Creating a strategy can be a daunting task, so we have developed a suite of tools in our career coaching programs to help our clients assess their situation and make the right decision for their future.

Career Coaching

Strategies for Success

Career Coaching is a developmental strategy that supports people in establishing and meeting their goals for the "right job, at the right time, in the right organization." The strategy capitalizes on what you have to offer while meeting the organization's needs. Our unique portfolio of career coaching services includes:

  1. Labyrinth™ Assessment & Labyrinth Navigator™ Career Assessment
    This in-depth interview/narrative process is designed to identify core capabilities and skills, breadth and depth of competencies, ambiguity and risk profiles, decision-making complexity, and motivation. The outcomes vary according to the organizational/individual need and may include:
    Succession Development Plan
    Career Development Strategy
    Learning Plan
    Career Mobility Plan
    Mentorship/Coaching Plan
  2. Career Choice & Mobility Coaching
    This service involves exploration of alternatives, setting development goals, and establishing a career strategy. Clients get the opportunity to look around and try out new ideas and possibilities for the next stage of their careers. The process begins with understanding the life context of the individual and how job/career fit within that context.

  3. Career Restoration ("I'm in Trouble!") Coaching
    No hiding behind fancy words here - sometimes we find ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time and need an intervention to get back on track. Within this context, we specialize in complex, delicate, difficult, and unusual career coaching situations. We work with all the relevant parties to identify alternatives and partner to facilitate a move for the individual that capitalizes on their strengths and meets the needs of the organization. The process begins with consultations to understand the individual and organizational context. It may also include the Labyrinth Assessment and Navigator process and collaboration meetings with relevant parties (executive lead, human resources, union lead) to identify viable alternatives and facilitate the transition.

  4. Interview Coaching – for Candidates
    People are invited for an interview for many reasons: in pursuit of a new opportunity, advancement, development planning, succession, talent management, or the ‘fire-side chat’ with the new executive. Some interviews will be structured and formal, others more relaxed and casual or exploratory. In each scenario you must answer three questions effectively:

    1. Why do you want the opportunity?
    2. What do you have to offer?
    3. How will you make a difference?

    Imbedded within this framework, are the questions related to the skills, competencies and capabilities needed for the role.

    You want to deliver on those three questions with authenticity, clarity, and confidence.
    We work with you to develop your compelling story to captivate your audience. We work with you to develop your positioning statement, (some call this your “personal brand”), and your stories that illustrate the breadth, depth and complexity of capabilities you have to offer. We practice custom designed Interview questions, review and practice again. The more prepared and self-aware you are, the higher the quality of your authentic, clear and confident presentation in the interview.

    Preparation = Successful Selection